My Girls

Today I completed and shared my first painted portrait attempt of my two daughters. Before starting the piece I did some quick research to get an overview of what I would need to know about painting acrylic portraits. And boy, I’m glad I did because it really isn’t the most intuitive process at all!

Prwp-1485661755651.jpgobably about half of the struggle is in mixing the skin tones. You don’t realize how many colours are really in skin until you try to replicate it, basically the whole rainbow! Oh and btw the paint dries darker than you think… Which I sorta knew already but still got burned by it anyway upon seeing my 6 year old age into a 96 year old on the canvas! (see image) Still not completely satisfied with the skin but I think it’s more of a texture issue than colour.

Definitely learned a lot on this little piece. I especially love the trick of using blue undertones in the shadows under their chins and where their cheeks touch. I could stare at it all day.

My last job before my youngest was born was a portrait photographer at walmart. While it didn’t afford me a whole lot of technical camera skills, it was a great lesson in posing and composition. So I appreciate a good portrait, although I’m a bit turned off from the studio style. Now at least I can take decent shots myself!

I’m still working on learning those camera skills on the side though. Maybe once I master them I’ll photograph something other than my family and post to my portfolio here. In the meantime, you should head on over there now and check out “My Girls” comment and let me know what you think! Do you have any tips or experience on acrylic portrait painting? Let me know!


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