What I’m working on

Mammal anatomy study

On my sketchbook today; comparing leg structure of mammals! This study came from the scientific illustration course I’m auditing. I think it’s great practice. I wish I had some live animals around to draw though. I feel like I should do this for every body part. Over and over again until it sinks into my permanent memory. I barely have time for that though.

I’m also currently working on a little project that will be added to my portfolio once finished. I’m doing a few colouring pages for my daughter’s school of their new mascot. They didn’t commission me to or anything, I figure I’ll just make 3 or 4 images and send them along with a note of permission to print/reproduce etc. as a donation. I don’t know if there’s a specific protocol for this kind of thing, but hey if they use it, great! I contributed! If not, well whatever at least I added to my portfolio right?


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