Current Writing Project

Camp-2017-Winner-Profile-PhotoI spent the month of April snatching every spare moment I could to scurry off to my laptop and type frantically. I was participating in Camp Nanowrimo, a month long writers challenge and fundraiser for literacy. I chose to set a custom goal to edit and rewrite a large portion of my current project, instead of starting a new one as is intended for this challenge. It was pathetically slow going. Never mind my kid, toddler, and new cat being constantly underfoot (or in lap, or on keyboard…), just the task of writing and editing simultaneously to a daily word count goal was brutal. Write 500 words, edit out 200… Edit one scene, the next chapter no longer makes sense. Good grief!

It was unavoidable though, you can’t rewrite a main character and plotline without some significant struggle. I didn’t get the draft quite as close to completion as I would have hoped but I’m very pleased with the progress made.
It’s a young adult fantasy novel about a teenage boy who finds himself trapped in another relm where humans are routinely harvested, enslaved, and replaced by changlings. There’s a lot more excitement packed in there but I don’t want to give too many details before I’ve finalized the first draft, in case I change things up!

After this book is done, I already have several others lined up in my mind. Another young adult (or maybe middle grade, we’ll see) and childrens, which I also plan to illustrate myself. I can hardly wait, I just wish I had more hours in the day to get things done!


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