New Pub Painting!


When I painted “Sweeney’s Pub” for my husband before Christmas, a friend of his admired it so much he wanted one for himself. To keep things interesting I decided to place his fictional Irish pub right next door to my husbands, and thus “Pub street” was born! The weather changes quickly but hey, we’re in Newfoundland! Given our recent snowfalls during the first week of June, we’re used to that sort of thing!

I find it interesting that I can already see a marked improvement in my technique between the two paintings. I attempted to correct the perspective a bit (this was one of the main notes I received from the adjudicator who evaluated my entry into the Arts and Letters Competition, they said it was “wonky”) and paid a lot more mind to small detail (a new set of smaller brushes helped!). This was also my first attempts at drawing/painting a motorcycle and I think it went alright… Although when I thought I was nearly finished my husband took one look and laughed because I had forgotten to paint the breaks! Guess those are sort of important huh?

I have had a couple more expressions of interest in commissioning even MORE pub paintings to continue this street scene, I wonder how long this street will become? Check out the “Paintings” page for a closer look at each piece, my online shops for prints and merchandise, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


Alyssa and Alexis

19 year old Alyssa Power was tragically killed in a car accident last month, leaving behind her 1 month old daughter Alexis. I was pregnant with my own first child at 19 and it breaks my heart to think of that poor baby without her Mama. People have been fundraising and donating baby supplies but I know all the donations in the world won’t bring much comfort in this case. All I have to give is my artwork so I’m having this portrait printed and framed and will deliver as a gift to baby Alexis with my deepest sympathies.
“The loss of a mother can never be replaced, but the love of a mother can never be lost.”

New Painting; Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles

Meet my newest acrylic painting! This piece was commissioned as a gift for a young boy who absolutely loves turtles. I never would have attempted to paint one without being asked (they aren’t exactly fuzzy, happy looking creatures!) but I’m so glad that I did. Through all my research and time spent painting them, I’ve really developed an appreciation for their unique beauty. It’s acrylic on canvas 16×20″

Prints will soon be available in my shop.


Nanowrimo 2017

nanoupdtIt’s so strange to go from frantically drawing and updating my social media with daily pictures during Inktober to just writing and trying to meet my daily word goal for Nanowrimo, but I swear I really am still working on the artwork too. Albeit at a snails pace, but I’m still at it!

My Nanowrimo project is chugging along as well. I intend it to be a middle grade novel (for kids 8-13) but I’ve never written MG before and need to keep checking it to be sure it doesn’t stray too far toward the Young Adult or Chapter Book categories. I’m planning to include a few black and white illustrations, maybe more or less depending on publisher preference.

It’s about a young girl who returns to her hometown after an emergency storm evacuation and finds a mermaid who was washed inland and stranded by the floodwaters.

Now if only someone would pay me to write it! lol