MerMama by Alissandra Sweeney; digital painting of a mermaid mother and child.

Digital painting featuring a MerMama and her cuddly little Merkid, playing on the ocean floor.


3 thoughts on “MerMama

  1. From an artistic perspective, I think this is really good. Your use of muted colours really conveys that it occurs underwater. From a structural perspective it bugs me as they still clearly have leg bones, knees and leg muscle structure within their fish tails. This is a recognised style of Mermaid portrayal with a multiple centuries pedigree, but not one I personally like. It looks more like two Humans wearing costumes than a mythical Human-fish hybrid. Were I to create draw this, the tails would flow and bend in a more fish like than leg like fashion, the muscles would be positioned more for fish tail, aquatic swimming movement than two legged, land based walking. However, I DIDN’T draw this and thus this opinion is worth what you paid for it! 😉


    1. I was actually thinking the same thing while drawing it! I was going for today’s standard mermaid portrayal, but couldn’t resist webbed fingers for faster swimming and gilly sort of improvised “ears” because human ears just don’t do so well in the deep ocean. Plus, are mermaids supposed to be mammals or what? Breasts and scales? Warm blooded or cold? Why do they have eyebrows? What about body hair? Or blubber? I had to stop myself before I just drew a dolphin or seal and was done with it. Lol Mermaids don’t need to make sense I guess.


      1. Well… they are a fantastic creature, so they do blur the lines of traditional taxonomy. However if you’re interested, do the following Google Image search, “anatomical studies of mermaids”. I assure you, there are many interesting visuals to explore. I recall a few fantasy art books which pretended to be anatomical studies of various mythological creatures. You may even find links to some of them among the images of the google search I quoted.


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