Thetis Necklace

Thetis Necklace www.alissandrasweeney.wordpress.comThetis Necklace


The Thetis Necklace is named for a character of Greek myth that seems to have played a few different roles, a sea nymph, one of the 50 Nereids, an early worshiped Goddess of water, the mother of Achilles. They may or may not have been all one and the same, or as with most ancient storytelling, details become changed and confused over time, (it’s like a 5000 year game of “broken telephone” right?) But I chose this Sea Goddess name for this piece because it has an overall feel of some sunken mermaid treasure. And also, this piece has elements repurposed from so many different sources (not all jewelry!) that I can barely remember all the details at this point.


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